Sunday, March 3, 2013

How To Make Delicious Kimchi ?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. KimChi is considered as the typical national dish of Korea and there are hundreds of varieties made with a main vegetable ingredient such as  cabbage, radish, scallion or cucumber. Kimchi is also a main ingredient for many Korean dishes such as kimchi stew, kimchi soup and kimchi fried rice.

Although, there are hundreds of different kinds of Kimchi, most types of Kimchi are spicy and have a specific scent. It's not only a delicious food but also contain more vitamins which are good for health. American journal of health ( Health Megazine) has been called Kimchi is one of the healthy foods" of the world, to confirm that this dish is rich in Vitamins, helps digestion and even have been able to have cancer preventive effects.

Nowadays, Kimchi is well known in many countries, especially in Asia. That's why Kimchi became one of Asian Famous Food.

Do you want to know how the real Kimchi is ? this is the easy way to make the real delicious Kimchi. Let's watch it!!!

  What are you waiting for ??? Let's do it and enjoy with your family ^_^
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