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Indonesia's Famous Street Food

Indonesia is one of the countries that have diversity culture of Street Asia's street food.There are more than 18 kinds of street foods that Indonesia offer in every cities. You can find and buy it easily when you visit Indonesia. One of the famous street foods in Indonesia is Gudeg. This food comes from Yogyakarta (a city in central Java) and this food is the most popular cuisine and the icon of Yogyakarta for 10 years. The main ingredient for this food is jackfruit (in bahasa: nangka). If you come to Yogyakarta, is a must for you to try this food. You cannot say you already come to Yogyakrta if you haven’t eaten Gudeg. There are 3 kinds of Gudeg. First one is Gudeg basah.  Gudeg basah usualy served with coconut milk for the dressing.  

The other one is Gudeg kering. Not like Gudeg basah, Gudeg kering has a longer cooking process to make the coconut milk dries and the color is brown and the taste is sweeter than Gudeg basah.
The last one is Gudeg manggar. Unlike the usual Gudeg,  Gudeg manggar isn’t made from jackfruit but from the flowers of the coconut. This kind of Gudeg has a similar taste with the usual Gudeg even it is not made from jackfruit because they use the same seasoning. The difference is only the texture. Ordinary Gudeg has a smooth texture while Gudeg manggar is crunchier. 

Gudeg usually served with sambal krecek, tahu and tempe bacem, kerupuk, also rempeyek to make it more delicious.
The other famous street food in Indonesia is bakso (meatball). Bakso is “the most easily found” street food in Indonesia. You can find this food all around the cities in Indonesia. Bakso usually made from beef, but there’re also bakso that made from chicken, fish, prawn, or squid. This food served with beef broth combine with bihun or mie, tahu, dumplings, and celery. There’re several kinds of bakso:
Bakso urat
This kind of bakso made from tendon or rough meat. Usually, the size of this bakso is bigger than ordinary bakso

Bakso gepeng
If usually the shape of bakso is round, this kind of bakso has a unique shape. It is not round but flat. 

Bakso Malang
Like its name, this kind of bakso is a typical bakso from Malang (one city in east Java). This kind of bakso served with fried dumplings, siomay, tahu, and mie

Bakso bakar
This kind of bakso has a special way to cook. If usually bakso served with broth, bakso bakar only need a soy sauce not like common bakso which has a lot of broth. 

The next famous street food in Indonesia is soto. Many provinces in Indonesia have its own types of soto. For example soto Madura from east Java, soto betawi from Jakarta, soto padang from west Sumatra, soto Bandung from west Java, and soto Banjar from south Kalimantan.  

 Soto contains meat, broth and vegetables. It served with perkedel, emping, peanut sauce, sate kerang, sate telur, and many others. You can eat soto with sticky rice or just rice. Soto has a different seasoning and ingredients based on which country it comes from.

The fourth famous street food in Indonesia is sate. Sate is a popular food in Indonesia. This food comes from Java Island which is considered as a national food of Indonesia. It uses chicken, beef, or mutton for the main ingredient or sometimes pork, lamb, rabbit or fish meat depends on the recipes. To serve it, they usually cut the meat into small size and pin it with a stick and then grilled it. 
Commonly they served it with peanut sauce and add some soy sauce with onion and chili, but in some country like Padang they mix the chili with the peanut sauce and make it very thick and spicy. 
Sate Padang also made from neat’s tongue not beef, or chicken meat. You can eat sate with rice or sticky rice. 

 Next, we have martabak. Martabak is one of a street food in Indonesia that quite famous. There’re two kind of martabak which usually sell in Indonesia. The first one is martabak telur.

Martabak telur is made from egg, mix with mincemeat and leeks. Usually, it served with chili and pickles. Second one is martabak manis. This kind of martabak has a sweet taste made from flour, mixes with butter and egg and usually coated with chocolate or cheeses, peanut, or banana, or you can mix all of it. 

One of the unique street foods you can find in Indonesia is tahu gejrot. This food comes from Cirebon (one country in west Java). 
Why is it unique? tahu gejrot is made from tahu, soy sauce, brown sugar, chili, and onion. With these simple ingredients, it gives you a spicy, sour, and sweet taste on the same time. Make it become unique and unforgettable taste.

 The seventh famous street food in Indonesia is nasi uduk (English: steam rice with coconut milk). This food usually sold in the morning. 

 Nasi uduk served with tahu goreng, telur dadar, kering tempe, dan abon sapi. Indonesian people usually eat this food as breakfast or dinner. 

The next street food which is quite popular in Indonesia is lontong sayur. This food is included as a traditional food that specialy comes from Jakarta. 

The main ingredients for this food are sticky rice, chicken meat, coconut milk, and chickpea. Lontong sayur usually served with potato, tomato, egg, and tahu

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