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The Most Famous Street Food in Beijing!

China is largest country in Asia.It also includes various town inside.It will be shortcoming if we mention about Asia's street food without mention to China street food. If you come to China, you need to visit Beijing. The capital city in China and also the city which famous with the culinary side. You can find many kinds of delicious street food in this city.  One of the famous street foods in Beijing is Jiaozi. This food is very popular in Beijing. Indeed, this food is the favorite food in Beijing. 

 The ingredients of Jiaozi are minced beef or chicken meat mixed with minced vegetables and then wrapped with thin wheat gazette, after that steamed until cooked. This food is very perfect eaten with spicy chili sauce or other sauce such as oyster sauce, teriyaki sauce, lemon sauce, etc. 

Jiaozi usually become a main cuisine at Chinese New Year. Chinese people believe if they eat Jiaozi at Chinese New Year, it will bring luck for them. 

Sweet and savory from Xianjiang district, Beijing. Sweet peanut cake, the traditional cake made from peanuts, flour and honey. Usually this cake served with oranges chop. This sweet peanut cake is a perfect food served with tea in the afternoon.

If you visit Beijing, you have to try grilled insect. This is the most unique food you can find in Beijing. There are many kinds of insect which can be served for this food such as, scorpion, grasshopper, cricket, and many other insects. 
 Maybe you’ll feel disgusted to consume this kind of food, but for Chinese people especially in Beijing, they used to eat that kind of food

Next, Beijing has a very smooth and delicious food. It is Baozi. a very popular bread in Beijing. Previously, this food is served for the Emperor in Chinese dynasty. Baozi made from smooth and soft dough, chewy with a sweet taste. This dough shaped into small spheres and then steamed until cooked. 

As time goes by, Baozi developed with various shape and taste. Various filing such as beef, chicken meat, chocolate, and other flavor.

Made from fresh fruits, Beijing has a delicious candied fruits named Guo Pu. This food made from apple, pear, peach, melon, watermelon, papaya, bengkoang, etc. It is sweet and a bit sour. Guo Pu made without preservatives, so it is safe to consume.
Another unique food from Beijing is Lv Da Gun. Made from cornflour or bean flour coupled with sugar and rolled, inside was filled with crushed peanuts and sugar. The taste is sweet and chewy.

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