Friday, February 22, 2013

Master Chef - fortitude lessons from blind girl Christine Ha

If Europe is famous for the luxurious food, Asia's street food is known for strange and delicious food. Asian cuisine has long been known by the perfect combination of taste such as sweet, spicy, sour, hot, cool in a meal. As an Asian, we should be proud of our characteristic and diversified culinary culture.If you are interested in cooking, you should be known to program Master Chef Season 3 (American King Chef) with winner of energy and talent blind women coming from Asia - CHRISTINE HA. Her victory is partly due to the great culinary dishes from Asia 's street food

Final third season of the competition has closed with the final victory belongs to Christine Ha – 33 year olds blind students from the University of Houston. Christine defeated Josh Marks - male 24 year olds chef to win the final prize includes $ 250,000 in cash, a cookbook publishing contract with the noble Master Chef trophy.

In the final test, Christine Ha and Josh Marks must make 3 dishes for two hours to compete. Christine Ha won with a simple family menus and presentation are not picky, including Thai papaya salad, braised pork belly served with rice and fried eggs with coconut coconut lime. Contest judges appreciate how perfect balance in the dish of Christine.Christine Ha described the meals as "symphony of taste" . It quite simply but at the end it surprised for the judges and received numerous compliments from them.

Christine Ha, 33, a former student of the University of Houston, and is a well-known blogger about food. She gradually lost the ability to sight at the age of 19 due to rare autoimmune disease called neuromyelitis optica. This disease affects the nervous system damage eyes. Ha said that initially decreased vision in one eye, can not be recovered, and then spread to the second eye. She gradually learned how to "see" without eyes, use a cane, or grab someone's hand to lead the way.
But 10 years Christine Ha can managed to cook without much help.
"I have to rely on other senses when cooking - taste, smell, feel for the flavor," she told People magazine. "I know a piece of meat nearly done by feeling it on my hands or kitchen utensils".

Touching story of Christine Ha  with the ingenuity,careful and the expression of herself in the competition, who made a judge tears the beginning. When she finally won, the viewers were pride and admire for the energy and talent of the blind Vietnamese girl but not be deterred by adversity. Especialy, she was become mirrors to be proud of Vietnamese people as well as all the people of Asia. By the balance in the Asian food from the sweet, sour, spicy that made ​​a perfect meal.Also,Christine Ha is the one who love Asia street food. Regarding to her,street food is where we can find the characteristic culture of each country 

Life is not fair to all, but with energy and passion, you can become a huge man. Start your dream right with Asia Street food, if you have a love of cooking. Do not forget your dreams and interests that pursue it. Even just a simple dish but with all your passion, it will be better than ever. Who dare say that you cannot become a master chef championship in next season?
Nguyen Thu Thao

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