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Steam Buns - A common street food in every country of Asia

Surely if you are Asian, you cannot be unaware of Steamed Pork Buns. The name may different but the shape of Steamed Buns is similar in each country in Asia.Because Steam Pork ( Chicken ) Buns are popular and familiar dish in Asia's Street food 

Originating in China, Steam Buns have become an indispensable dish in Chinese food culture for a long time. With a flour, stuffing is minced meat, then steamed and has a distinctive aroma



Nowadays, people often use the word “Steam Buns “to referring collectively to this cake. Steam Buns are common in Asia, for instance : In Vietnam called “ Bánh Bao “, in Japan it is called manjū (饅頭), Korean call Mandu,in the Philippines call siopao, Indonesia call Pak Pao… In Hongkong,they have the Steam Buns festival, this festival is held annually at Chueng Chau island for 3 days and nights


For Chinese Steam Buns, stuffing is usually consists of marinated minced meat known as “ tiny meat “, some areas also do seafood Steam Buns. In addition, Chinese Steam Buns are also have various kind of stuffing’s and diverse such as cabbage or beef



With Vietnamese Steam Buns, ingredient are not sophisticated, just mince of pork or, egg, cat’s ear, vermicelli and a little fat flavor inside. Especially aromatic crust giving delicious impression for guest of meal



The most common Steam Buns in Korea are kimchi Steam Buns. Fat flavor of meat, fresh and spicy of kimchi blend together that brings appetite for diners



Japanese Steam Buns give us two special flavor, it may be black bean with sweet, or steam buns stuffing with grilled meat and mixed with carrots and onions bring tasting deliciously buttery for this dish. The name of this steam buns called Nikuman



Today, the Steam Buns have become extremely popular throughout the Asian countries, often use in the meals, especially breakfast. How about you, do you like Steam Buns?


Below is a funny tutorial video of the well-known women in online community about teaching how to make some dishes. In this video, she teach how to make Steam Buns with simple recipe, you could easily learn and enjoy the delicious Steam Buns made by you 


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