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5 addictive street food of Singapore

Become the most developed country in Asia,Singapore is no except from street food famous.Use the 4 official languages, including Chinese, Malay, English and Tamil, so the cuisine of Singapore as varied as in the language of the island.Today,Asia's street food will suggest to readers some of favourite street food in Singapore

In Singapore, the government consolidated the hawkers at the food center. This is not only to create conditions for people to sell but also to ensure hygiene standards for food. Singapore, visitors will be assured of the quality of hygiene in food, without having to worry about the stomach.

  1.   Yusheng ( Raw fish salad):

Yusheng means raw fish, but this dish follows Chaozhou style. Often described as a version of the dish Carpaccio ( thin sliced raw fish, irrigated olive oil and let it cool before serving) of Singapore.

       2.          Lor mee ( Noodle):
Made in style noodles Fujian, LorMee is a classic dish of Singapore. A delicious bowl of egg noodles covered basil with fish cakes and pork. At first glance, you couldn’t see the Lor mee noodle as a delicious dish. But do not let its appearance fool you because once you’ve tasted its dark sauce taste, you will always remember.
The rich dark sauce is the deciding factor of Lor Mee noodle, and this sauce is prepared by stew pork bone mixture, eggs and spices. Sometimes people also use smooth potato or corn flour to make the paste more for the same dish.
           3.    Chwee Kueh (Water rice cake):
Chwee Kuaeh means water rice cake which is made by rice flour and steamed in a small tin box. This cake is smooth and silky and the topping of the cake is fried radish and chili sauce. It is often eaten as a snack. Each chef will have their own secret recipe to make this cake smooth and silky.

     4.    Rojak:
Rojak is a typical dish of Singapore. Rojak in Malay means a mixture, is the traditional fruit and vegetable salad, are commonly used as an appetizer.

            5.        Popiah:
Popiah actually originated from the Chaozhou immigrants which come to Singapore. It is a thin crepe cake filled with seafood, meat and vegetables before they are rolled up like a spring roll.
The main material of the popiah is shrimp, minced pork, eggs, jicama, vegetables, fried garlic and sauce.

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