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10 of Asia's weirdest street foods

Cuisine is an art, but sometimes it is a ordeal that even the bravest person must also anxious.
The cultural differences of each country in the world that involves the unique cuisine as well as the way to enjoying the food. Therefore, for an Asia people, that food is delicious, nutritious, but improbable it was the first choice of the people of Europe or the Americas, and vice versa.
Let's take a stroll around the Asia's street food world with exotic dishes and horror that you've ever seen:

      1.    Noodle with raw budging octopus - Japan
The first list in Asia's weird street food ís an Odori-don dish of Japan probably ranks as the world's most horrible food because this noodles "ownership" a live squid still budge. Odori-don is the noodles that is put a squid living in the surface, initially no one noticed to them until people pour sauce over the squid and it started to budge their tentacle.

      2.     Urine of cow - India
The second dish named in Asia's weidest street food í Urine of cow.Many Hindus believe that cow's urine has healing effects. That beverage is sold along with milk and yogurt. Earlier this year, a research center in the sacred city of Haridwar even announced plans to produce a beverage made ​​entirely from cow urine to compete with the products of two rival Pepsi and Coca Cola.

      3.    Blood pudding from internal organs of a pig – Vietnam
Recently, Australia News evaluated dish pig’s internal organs blood pudding in Vietnam are one of the world's most exotic dishes.This is a popular dish in Vietnamese street food
Meanwhile, many Vietnamese who had been sick, even die from this horrible food. However, this dish is considered to be "traditional", very attractive, especially for people who drink alcohol

    4.    Mouse stomach - South Korea
 If the dish above haven't made you shock,Asia Street food would like to introduce to you an extremely terrible dish.Mouse stomach (usually dead) is used to soak the alcohol. This wine is the traditional drink of the people  of China and South Korea, which in their opinion; this is a very good tonic for health.
Initially, the mice did not open his eyes was "caught" while still suck mom’s tit, then insert it into the bottle of rice wine before fermentation, after a period we can pour out the cup to drink it

      5.    Fried grasshoppers – China
Fried grasshoppers are the favorite dish of the Chinese people and in many other Southeast Asian countries. The fried brown grasshopper is the next item on the menu. A little salt or food available is always eye-catching pedestrians at the Tianjin market 
 Recipe to prepare this dish, clean them overnight, heated in boiling water, dip them into the egg yolks, add a little spice like cereal or spices, then fried them with onions and soy sauce. If you eat, you will feel a little tart, then think of the nutrients in it. Grasshoppers contain 60% protein and 6% fat that is equivalent of the ratio 18: 18 of hamburger dishes.

      6.    Embryo duck egg – Vietnam
Embryo duck eggs are a dish made ​​from duck eggs when the embryo has developed into. Egg is a popular snack in Vietnam ...and is considered to be nutritious food.
However, embryo duck egg been named in ... the most 10 weirdest on the planet, so needless to say we understand the reasons many foreigners would not dare to eat this dish

      7.    Fried spiders - Cambodia
This exquisite cuisine is derived from a place of Cambodia-where spiders can be harvested from the small hole under the ground. It started from the command of the Khmer Rouge rule; black spider dish is considered the favorite dishes. Under pen of the western people, who has described the dish, fried spiders are crispy on the outside and a little wet in the middle. In appearance, the legs are the hard and brittle while the head and body with soft and white flesh. Probably taste like chicken.

            8.     Well-cooked Silkworm – South Korea
Well-cooked Silkworm dish is known to be Beondegi dish, a common breakfast in the cuisine of South Korea. This dish are sell a lot in mobile shop, silkworm dish is also popular as a snack in the bar and even put in a box if you want to take home. Canned foods often have a mild charm flavor of beans which are mixed with mildew
To prepare Beondegi, cocoons are dip in boiling water and so they can enjoy the essence and rich in nutrients. And the astronauts suggested fostering to eat more this food for those long flights.

      9.     Dog meat – Asian countries
This is a dish of “favorite” of the majority of the North Vietnamese. In some Asian countries, dog meat is considered a delicacy. According to the concept of Asians, dogs have a certain medical value.
However, in many countries of the West and Islam, eating dog meat is prohibited. Regarding to them, the dogs are pets and are considered as friends. Many foreigners in Vietnam are wondering why our country eat dog while still keeping them.

10.Snake wine 
The last dish in Asia's weirdest street food list is Snake Wine.Snake wine  is an alcoholic beverage produced by infusing whole snakes in rice wine or grain alcohol. The drink was first recorded to have been consumed in China during the Western Zhou dynasty and considered an important curative and believed to reinvigorate a person according to Traditional Chinese medicine. It can be found in China, Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia.The snakes, preferably venomous ones, are not usually preserved for their meat but to have their “essence” and snake poison dissolved in the liquor. However, the snake venom is denatured by the ethanol; its proteins are unfolded and therefore inactive.

Nguyen Thu Thao


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