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Korean street foods

Refering to Asia's street food,we can not forget to mention korean street food,where the food is extremely popular and familiar
A beautiful South Korea is well known as a developed country in movie industry, music, fashion and travel. However, if we do not mention to Korean cuisine is virtually mistaken. Because of the diversity of their climate, along with the creativity of Korean people, they have created a unique culinary to their country.

Furthermore,recently the video clip hit Gangnam Style of Oppa Gangnam Style is becoming a craze among young people worldwide. Thus, it also makes young people  more interested in all types of Korean entertainment and include of cuisine
South Korea is well-known of bitter cold in winter. The frosty temperature reaches to minus 10 degrees Celsius together with heavy snow has makes people invent some foods that can help them against with the cold of winter; the specialties which is not only delicious but also attractive that people can’t refuse to try them.
This is just my assuming under the eyes of a foreigner, because I’ve never set a foot in Korea. However, with the passion and favorite of Asian foods, especially in Korean foods; I would like to write an article to help Asian may learn more about Korea culinary culture.
The following are 6 list of Korea’s street food that you should try as soon as arrived to Korea
1. Kimchi
In Korea today is probably no one who does not enjoy or none of restaurant without kimchi. Kim Chi is a mixture of pickled vegetables dishes are spicy tasting, in which the key vegetables are chopped beets, onions, garlic, ginger, mix chili powder. Kim Chi is characteristic red and stingingly hot. So maybe it is not your favorite dish if you can not eat spicy.Kimchi Korean are sold all over the street in South Korea with many different versions
Koreans also use a variety of other vegetables to Kim Chi processing. For them, almost kinds of vegetable can be made ​​into Kim Chi. But preferred fruits and tubers. There are over 200 different Kim Chi.

In particular, Korean built kimchi museum that located in Gangnam street, where storage of historical documents, photographs related to the history of the development of the Korean specialties. 

2 떡볶이 (Tokbokggi)
One of the most popular foods in Korea is Tokbokggi. In Korea, Tokbokggi is quite cheap and you can find it easily on every street; price for each is between 2500 to 3000 won. People usually put it into a cup so they can enjoy their meals easier as they are all busy for working. Component includes Tok – is a white rice cake made from 100% rice flour that might be create elastic and tasty Tok. There are many kinds of topping to be eaten with Tok, you may add ramen noodles, beef, and seafood with a sugar or Gochujang sauce (Korea spicy sauce). The taste of sauce is a bit sweet and spicy; you can come to Myeongdong to enjoy Tokbokggi without spicy version. It was made for foreigner who could not eat spicy food.
     rabokki_11-                                                     01841044
3. 닭꼬치 (Dakkochi) Korean skewered chicken
Dakkochi also is one of the favorite foods in South Korea. This is a chicken skewer which is marinated and basted in a sweet soy glaze. It is served with rice and gochojang (Korean hot pepper paste).Most of the sauce is sweet and little spicy. The sellers also add some sauce such as mayonnaise or cheese powder as a replacement to those who cannot eat spicy food. You might easily to see chicken skewer stall in front of school or any food store in Korea with the price of 1000-1500 won each.
     닭꼬치                                                  800px-Korean_street_food-chicken
4.붕어빵 (Bongeobbang -fish)
In Korea, Bung Uh Pang is considered as the food that could bring lucky for those who eat it. Bung Uh Pang fish-shaped bread that is stuffed with red bean paste. You can find a numerous kinds of flavor inside such as red bean, sweet potato, chestnut, chocolate, white chocolate, pizza style, etc …. This dish especially catch the kid’s attention because the shape of fish, crab, Inkuhbbang (long fish). Otherwise, it has sandwich style so people could eat them instead of their lunch. . American can say they are waffle because the taste is almost the same.
            Sandwich and Crab style
  붕어빵 3                                       꽃게빵
 Inkuhbbang (long fish style )
                                                                                                                 붕어빵 2
  5. 호떡 (Hotteok)
Hotteok is a pan cake that made from leavened dough and corn starch. It is stuffed with sugar, sesame seed, cinnamon and peanut and fried up until the caramel forms in the center. Hotteok have a typical taste is sweet and some others flavor. The famous place to eat is Insadong. Particularly, this dish is favorites’ in the winter. Because the climate in Korea is quite cold in the winter, people prefer to eat when it still hot. Hence the cake might be retaining softness; crispy seeds and the caramel inside will be melting down when you have the first bite.
호떡 3                                         호떡
  6. 도깨비 방망이 핫도그 (Dokkebi Hotdogs or Dokkebi bangmangi Hotdogs)
The last one I would like to recommend you is Tokkebi Hotdogs. Tokkebi is kind of common dish for unassuming people because it is cheap and easy to buy.
The Korean people have a funny story turn around about the origin of Tokkebi Hotdogs. They said that the shape of Tokkebi look like spiked clubs of demon. They will use it to cast spells for people. So those who eat Tokkebi Hotdogs, it means they are eating the spiked clubs. Tokkebi is made from sausage. The exterior surround by layer of powder and French fries, then double battered and double fried on a stick. It is served with ketchup, mustard or chili sauce to creating a full flavor.
For the next article, Asia street food will discover the street foods from other countries. We have the honor to inviting you to read and give us your feedback in order to helping the article more completed.(all the feedbacks are welcome to help us improve our articles)
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