Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Extraordinary India’s Street Food!

India included in “15 most visited cities in Asia's street food”. India cuisine has its’ own uniqueness from the taste and the ingredients. You can find an extraordinary cuisine in this India. One of the most popular foods in India is Pani puri

Made from puri, the shape is like a crispy flour ball but the inside is empty. usually, when this food served, the India people fill the flour ball with boiled potato  and peanuts, also some ingredients which made from water, tamarind, chili, coriander, and mint leaves also some special India’s’ spices. This ingredient called “pani”. 
In India, you can get this food with a very affordable price.
                 The next amazing food from India is Samosa. This is the most popular snack in India. This food usually consume by vegetarian. This food made maida flour, potato, onion. spices and chili.
 Samosa served with “chutney” sauce (made from salt, chili, tamarind, coriander and tomato).

The other unique street food is brad pacori. This food made from bread and boiled potatoes and then fried. After cooked, it mixed with India’s’ special spices. 
If you visit India, you have to taste Momo. From the appearance, it looks like Chinese food. But it is India food. Momo made from flour dough filled with minced chicken and spices or it can be filled with vegetables.

Usually served with chili sauce. Before served, it can be fried first and then served with fresh vegetables onion.
            One of popular food in India is Chappati. Flat bread made from wheat, baked in a pan without oil. Usually served with kari.

Seekh kabab also another unique food come from India. Made from chopped beef with many kinds of spices. Then, put on skewer and grilled in tandoor (India’s utilities).

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