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Hello everyone !!! have anyone of you come to Bangkok.Asia's Street food guess most of people came there.Because Thailand is a country which quite famous about Street food.So today,Asia's Street food would like to recommend to readers about Thailand street food.One word that you’ll hear most often in ThaiLand is “ Aloi” – means “ delicious”. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend too much money to enjoy the food… “Aloi”.

1.       Son Tam ( papaya salad Thai style):
Son Tam is the favorite dish of the Tourists when they come to Thailand. This Salad is made from Green Papaya like Papaya Salad in Cambodia or Laos, but in Thailand, this Salad is sweet and sweeter flavor of Peanuts. This Dish brings all the basic tastes of Thai cuisine: sour lime, the sweetness of Jaggery, Salty of fish source and spicy of chili.

This Papaya Salad is very famous in Thailand

2.       Moo ping ( Barbecue )
Moo ping is prepared by pork marinated with fish sauce, coriander and coconut milk, then baked on the coals and usually eaten with sticky rice and chili water. Each barbecue skewer radiating greasy taste of meat mingles with the smoke of coal.

Each skewer barbecue flavor has attracted many customers to the origin of golden temple.

3.       Pad Thai ( rice noodle fry):
This dish is made with shrimp, pork, chicken and egg or it can be a completely “ fasting” dish only with bean sprouts, onions and any kind of pasta that you choose.

4.       Pancake:
Pancake is usually made with eggs and banana, condensed milk and chocolate. This dish of Indian origin is processed by Thai taste.

5.       Banana and pineapple wonton:
Wonton dish with banana and pineapple but in fact, inside it is pork and shrimp. This dish is delicious skewers and it’s often used to introduce foreign tourists to Thailand.

6.       Kanom jeen ( ferment noodle):
Kanom jeen noodles are made from fermented rice. We can use it as a great breakfast or snack early afternoon. This dish is usually mixed with curry. It would be great when you are served with salad, cucumber vinegar and vegetables.

Looks like cold spaghetti noodles.

7.        K hao niew ma muang ( mango sticky rice):
This dish is called English is the mango sticky rice with Thai coconut milk. Aromatic Flexible sweet rice is displayed thin on the plate, mango ranks top, followed by coconut milk and some peanuts sprinkled, some roasted sesame or salty roasted green beans. This dish is very popular on the streets of Bangkok especially at the mango season.

you will feel the greasy of coconut milk mixed with the sweet aroma of mango 

8.       Kanom krok (Coconut cake):
This is a simple delicious dessert. Kanom krok in the Thai language means coconut cake. It is a mixture of flour, coconut milk then heated on charcoal. This dish is usually sprinkled by some fried shallots. 

Coconut cake sprinkle some fried shallots.

9.       Cha yen ( ice tea) :
You can caught Cha yen, or known as ice tea all over the world, but nowhere as good as in Thailand country. In Thailand, Cha yen is black tea with a special flavor and crushed sesame seeds packed in plastic bag. It is more delicious when we add ice with condensed milk.

Popular drink in Thailand

10.       Pina colada:
Pina Colada cocktail is the combination between a slightly sour taste of pineapple, greasy of coconut milk and mixed with the aroma of rum.

                                                                                                                       By: Ny


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