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Exploring Taiwanese Fantasic Street Food

Asia's street food has many famous cities of street food,which must include names such as Thailand,Hongkong,etc.However,people do not know that Taiwan also is a country with numerous unique street food that are loved by many tourists. To know more about Taiwanese street food as well as thoroughly prepare for your upcoming Taiwan tour.Today Asia's street food would like to introduce to you about Taiwanese street food

1.Bubble Tea
Surely,bubble tea is popular drink in Asia street food.There are a lot of countries sell this beverage,but the origin is from Taiwan.In Taiwan, it’s a drink ranks as the favorite street food. Bubble milk tea is made from tea leaves mixed with bubble made ​​from cassava flour. Characteristics of bubble tea are shaken, a thin layer of bubbles formed on the surface. Bubble tea is generally divided into two categories: fruit flavored tea and milk tea. Milk tea can use the cream from milk or no milk. Bubble milk tea comes from Taiwan. If tourists like this favorite drink, they cannot miss this exciting opportunity to visit to Taiwan.

2. Stinky Tofu 
In Taiwan stinky tofu is considered popular “special”, you can be found easily in a roadside shop or night market. For those addicted to the smell stinky tofu is gauge the level of delicious dishes: as smelly as well.
For Asian who can not stand the stinky smell,it will be difficulty to enjoy it in the first time.

3. Tubular sticky rice
Tubular steam glutinous rice is type of rice cooked with plastic sticky rice, pork, eggs and mushrooms marinated spices and stuffed into the bamboo tubes. When steamed at high temperature, the mixture will twine together, creating great taste. To be able to enjoy the delicious bamboo sticky rice with special flavor, visitors have to come to the remote mountain town of Wulai because only the bamboo is harvested in the winter every year that is qualification to make specialty areas.


4.Fried Oyste with Eggs
Eggs fried oyster dish is made ​​from raw materials of eggs and marine oysters. In addition, they also added potato flour for bread viscidity. The wonderful combination of eggs and oysters has created a fascinating dish. This dish represents the fertility of the island of Taiwan. It is a combination of the delicious oysters from the ocean combined with the produce of the land. This dish is also known as the food of love, help gentlemen abundant energy. This is a favorite dish of the newlyweds.

5.Mochi rice cakes
In Beijing and Japanese street food ( 2 last article )  I have mentioned about Mochi- the popular and favourite food in those countries. Now for taiwan is not excep, Mochi rice cakes also are cakes popular in Taiwan. Traditional Mochi rice cake is made ​​of glutinous rice flour with red bean, roll over peanut powder. Over time, the people of Taiwan have created more new flavors such as: strawberry jam, green tea jam, peanut butter, etc. In Taiwan, they even have royal museum Mochi.

6.  Coffin Bread
Bring shaped full of horror coffin but ecstatic taste of bread coffin makes visitors to Taiwan cannot refuse to tasting it. According to the locals, the "father" of this delicious bread is a young Taiwanese chef. He invented it while studying in Western cuisine. At first he did not think to put the name sound like full of mourning for their products, but one day, an archaeologist enjoy it and tell the chefs that: "It looks like my coffin are excavated so ". It sounds reasonable because the shape of the fruit cake is very similar to the coffin. In addition, the word coffin (Guan Cai) also akin to the word promotion (Sheng Guan Fa Cai), so the author decided to put this name for his invention of bread coffin. Now, this dish became very popular all over the country. A thick slice of bread is added to create shape such as a box with a lid, baked Cracker and sprinkle with seafood sauce, corn and mushrooms. Each delicious "coffin” about 3$

7. Roasted Duck
At the beginning of the rural Yilan, because they keep a lot of duck, majority duck is brought to marine with salt, dry and store. "Rewards Duck" is the famous specialty of Yilan, the different points with usual duck roast is special methods that marinated grilled with sauce and use sugar-canes instead of firewood to bake to making the duck more fragrant. After carefully marinated and smoked, spent in the cold winter to makes the meat dry and imbibe the sauce. Then it could be qualification called special and quality "Duck”.Nowaday,this kind of food also become quite popular in Asia Street Food

Nguyen Thu Thao

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