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7 Japanese street dishes make everyone to be enthralled

For a long time, Japanese cuisine always gives diners a sense of both eye and taste contentment, even the food on the street. Not only are the traditional dishes arranged sophisticatedly that we’d normally see but also are the street cuisine that offers other  idyllic culinary cultural of cherry blossoms.Let explore Japanese cuisine which is also belong to Asia's street food

In Japanese folk literature have 7 lucky gods, 7 gods of mythology who bring good luck. Seven gods come together on a boat. That why, Japanese believe that number 7 brings the luck to everyone and they really respect it. Thus, in this article I would like to introduce Seven street foods that make everyone to be enthralled. 
  1.  Takoyaki
Takoyaki – Japanese famous cake also is in a list of favorite food today. In Japanese, Tako means octopus, yaki means grill and takoyaki is kind of bread stuffing of baked octopus that are very popular in Japan. Around of The Land of Rising Sun you can see a lot of steaming hot moulds of takoyaki cake anywhere
Takoyaki have pretty simple ingredients include wheat flour, dashi powder, Tenkasu powder, eggs, onions, cabbage, red ginger, tomatoes and fresh material indispensable is octopus. The takoyaki cake will become more delicious and stunning when eating takoyaki sauce or soy sauce and mayonnaise

2.  Yakitori
If you hardly to acquaint with rare food when live in Japan, Japanese grilled chicken Yakitori is safe and delicious culinary experience. After chicken Is cut into pieces, marinated in mustard, Shoyu soy sauce is oblique into each bamboo sticks and grilled over charcoal stove until it spreads a characteristic smell. Yakitori is best served with soy sauce Miso bowl

3. Tempura
Tempure is a fried food that very popular in the land of the rising sun. Tempure is kinds of food include shrimp, fish, squid that are covered by the flour then fried until it crispy. It is served with vegetable so it looks delicious and beautiful. The seafood brings sea characterized after dry out. So it will not cause disappointment to diner and have a crispness not hard, eat with soy sauce mixed with radish and shredded ginger. Fukuoka city is “special “dish with seafood wrapped in Shiso leaf ginger then breaded and fried.

4.  Onigiri
Referring to Japan, we cannot forget to mention onigiri rice dish immensely popular. Not only are classified in the “rank “ of the Japanese traditional food, rice ball onigiri is a very wise choice for you when you are go around on street corners with a empty stomach .

5. yaki imo
Close to the “friend “in Asia street food, Japan is no exception to be ranked baked sweet potato on the list of the most popular street food. Japanese baked sweet potatoes is called yaki imo – was named “classic “dish in the fall in Japan
In winter, you will see the old-fashioned iron trolley with a coal furnace appear everywhere on the street of Japan. Even, there is no surprise in Japan if you can see the truck vendors yaki imo along with the louder speakers and simply emit “ yaki imooooo, yaki imoooou"
6.    Ice cream
Ice cream is the indispensible dish in Asia street food for kids and teenager. As one of the favorite dishes around the world, ice cream in the “top” street food in Japan. The roving ice cream counter with variety of colors is always being the center of attraction for boy and girl students, or even adults. Certainly to enjoy the ice cream cone at the roving ice cream counter, you’ll have to scram “ Oishii ! “ ( in Japanese means “ delicious” ).You will have many different options when coming to this roving ice cream counter, from the selection of ice cream flavors until the topping ( the kind of fresh material for making the ice cream : chocolate chips. Nuts, candy flexible, raisins…) to eat attach

7.  Sake
Sake is a Japanese traditional wine made from rice. For Japanese, Sake is a symbol of the land of the rising sun, not simply as a beverage with meal. Cultural significance and special religious of Sake is special in that it is not only the link between man and man, but also as a link between man and god
Sake is indispensable drinks while enjoying the Japanese food. Alcohol not only brings extra fun, friendly but  also easy to digest food and add more flavor   

In conclusion, today street cuisine has become the indispensable idyllic culture in the daily lives of Japanese. If having opportunity to come to Japan and enjoy culture, ensuring that anyone are fascinated by them   
Nguyen Thu Thao    

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