Thursday, January 24, 2013

Easy way to make Vietnamese sweet corn soup

Che bap (sweet corn soup) is a familiar dish with Vietnamese people. Since it’s very delicious, that’s why we usually think that it’s hard to cook it, but actually it’s very easy. Even at home we can cook it better than the restaurant. Come rolling into the kitchen to try ^_^.

To have a Delicious sweet corn soup pot for 5 people, you just need to follow some simple steps after this:
Ø  Ingredients:
-          3-4 corns
-          A little bit of salt
-          250ml canned coconut milk
-          1 teaspoon cornstarch
-          Cassava flour and flour
-          110g sugar
-          1-2  sticky leaves
-          Roasted sesame.
Ø  How to cook?
·          Step 1:

                   + First, we wash and boil the corn.

       + Corn cooked, take out, drain the water and cool down.

·         Step 2:
Then, I use the knife and sliced the corn out and leave the core.

·         Step 3:
+ Now we’ll put one pot of water on the stove and sticky leaves into boiling water.
+ While waiting to boil, mix flour and cassava flour into the bowl of water with a ratio 1:3
+ When the water is boiling, pour this mixture, just pour while stirring up the soup, if the soup is too liquid or too thick, we can reduce or increase the amount of tapioca flour appropriately. As long as the matching soup pot just right. Then add sugar appropriate to your taste and a bit salt for spice
+ Lastly, boil the corn for about 5-10 minutes. I picked the leaves sticky out; pour the sweet corn soup into a bowl.

+Ladle corn soup into each bowl, and then sprinkle coconut milk on top.

                                            If you like sesame u can sprinkle it on top to increase the aroma.

Look at our result, it’s so mouthwatering, right ??? 
 So, Just do it ^_^

                                                                                                       By: Ny

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