Sunday, February 17, 2013

6 Most Popular Malaysia Street Food

Malaysia is a country which has a numerous of Muslim.So it's quite affect to Malaysian street food.  Today, Asia's street food would like to bring to you a different look about Malaysia Street food
Nasi Kandar
This food come from the Indian muslim community in Malaysia. Nasi kandar made from meat curry which seasoned with many kinds of sauce above the rice.

 Previously, this food is sold by borne. Nowadays, you can find this food in the food stalls in Malaysia

Lor Bak
 This food made from chopped pork which has been marinated in five kinds of spices powder before wrapped and  then fried.

 Lor bak served with two different kinds of dipping sauce and hot chilli sauce also dressing from cornflour and eggs called "Lor"
Koay Chiap
 Made from pork and duck soup seasoned with fennel and cinnamon. Koay chiap served with boiled egg, sliced scallions, and hot chilli. This food usually served at night.

Es Kacang (bean ice)
A dessert made from shaved ice, read bean, cincau, sweet corn, and coconut on the top.

served with syrup and condensed milk on ice. Very tasty and amazing dessert.
Nasi LemakRice is cooked with coconut milk. Served with fish sauce, chili sauce, boiled eggs, fried potatoes, and sliced cucumber
Roti Canai

 Malaysia's favorite breakfast from time to time. The dough made ​​from wheat flour, roti canai sometimes mixed with whipped eggs and onions to make crispy pancakes
Melati Foresta Devi 

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  1. This is my tour of Malaysian street food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Food. Trying local & traditional Malaysian favourites like deep fried bananas..